Babylonian Cuneiform Translator is here

Well Babylonians were a big deal, lot of centuries ago anyway. The Babylonian Empire was the most powerful state in the ancient world after the fall of the Assyrian empire (612 BCE). Its capital Babylon was beautifully adorned by king Nebuchadnezzar, who erected several famous buildings. Even after the Babylonian Empire had been overthrown by the Persian king Cyrus the Great (539), the city itself remained an important cultural center.

That’s then anyway. We felt nostalgic and added a translator to translate English alphabets to Babylonian Cuneiform alphabets. Checkout our Babylonian Translator and have fun!

If you are a math kind and interested in checking out Babylonian number systems, try this Babylonian numbers converter.

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You now have the power to express yourself, your way rather than relying on pre-made slogans and texts.

Hello world!

Welcome to What started as a weekend fun project has become a full website , powerful API and mobile apps.  We have added so many translations to our list. Check them out and let us know what you think.